Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

Improv at CVLT

R.S.V.P. - River Side Valley Players


September 22 & 23, 2017
Friday and Saturday night at 8 PM
Call 440-247-8955 (Mon-Sat, 1-6 PM)
$10 - Not Suggested for Children


River Side Valley Players is the performance arm of the Improvisation for Actors program, performing live, unscripted theatre. The characters, dialogue, and story are created collaboratively by the players with no advance planning. RSVP performances include both long-form improvisation, in which a series of interconnected scenes are inspired by a single suggestion, and short-form improv comedy, in which the players adhere to different rules for each scene.

Have you ever been watching a play and thought, "Gee, it seems like these people have done this all before?" You know what's coming. Exposition and rising action in Act 1 followed by climax and resolution in Act II. Blah, blah, blah. River Side Valley Players guarantee you something you've never seen before, because they've never done it before!

The debut performance in March 2016 was a hit, selling out two performances to rave reviews. The eleven players took suggestions from the audience to inspire fully-formed performance pieces created entirely in the moment. Characters adopted in a split second. Lines of dialogue that had never been uttered before. Plots that hurtled forward without a single person knowing where they would end.

"NO RSVP REQUIRED" Monthly Event

R.S.V.P. Group

RSVP hosts monthly casual improvisation evenings on the second Thursday of each month at 8 PM. Troupe members present improvised scenes in a relaxed environment that allows for audience participation and discussion. Refreshments will be available.

No tickets are required. A $5 donation to CVLT's Putting It Together campaign is requested.

Improv For Actors Program

Tracy Cubbal
Instructor/director Tracy Cubbal ( has been a fixture of the Cleveland improv scene since 2005. She has studied at the Annoyance, iO, and Second City in Chicago and performed at venues in Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, and New York. Tracy has performs with Dennis! and with Point of No Return Improv in Cuyahoga Falls.

Tracy Cubbal leads regular weeknight courses with a focus on improvisation skills for actors 16 and up.


"Very warm, supportive, and non-judgmental. The best acting class I've ever taken!"
"This class inspired me. A great confidence and self-esteem builder."
"Learned to think on my feet and get over my fear. Great, great class just what I needed!" "Something that can urge the inner child out of almost anyone."
Barbara Christian, The Chagrin Valley Times

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