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CVLT Needs Your Talent!

A CVLT AuditionChagrin Valley Little Theatre depends on volunteer talent for all of its plays each season. Our auditions are open to anyone with an interest in performing in community theater. Age ranges, experience levels and other requirements change from production to production, so keep your eyes on us - you just may be the one we're looking for!

Auditions are publicized right here on our website, as well as via our mailing list, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and via Fred Sternfeld's the Northeast Ohio Performing Arts List (NEohioPAL). You may also find our audition notices in your local newspapers from time to time.


  • Unless specified otherwise, all CVLT auditions are open to all and no roles are pre-cast.
  • No appointments are required.
  • Come prepared to read from the script.
  • Headshots and acting resumes are welcome, but not required.
  • CVLT does not offer union contracts and performers are volunteers.

South Pacific: In Concert

The Rogers & Hammerstein classic musical about an American nurse stationed on a South Pacific island during World War II who falls in love with a middle-aged French expatriate but struggles to accept his children. Performed with the Chagrin Falls Studio Orchestra live on stage!

Tuesday, August 4 at 7 :00 PM
Wednesday, August 5 at 7 :00 PM
Callbacks Thursday August 6
Auditions to be held in CVLT's River Room, 40 River St.

Production dates October 2, 3, & 4

Directed by Don Edelman
Musical Direction by Steve Eva


Age ranges listed are suggestions, but may be cast otherwise depending on auditionees.

  • EMILE DE BECQUE: mid 30s-50s (High Baritone); a mature, sophisticated French planter - often played by an opera singer
  • NELLIE FORBUSH: late 20s-early 30s (Soprano); a spunky young nurse from Arkansas. Tomboyish, optimistic, Mary Martin type.
  • LIEUTENANT JOSEPH CABLE, U.S.M.C.: Male; 18-30; a young, formal and good-looking officer who falls in love with Liat; must be masculine with a good physique and believable as a member of the Army; soaring Tenor (E3 to G4);
  • BLOODY MARY: Female; 35-55; a shrewd souvenir dealer who is also trying to find her daughter a rich husband; brassy; must have great subtle comic timing; strong mezzo
  • LUTHER BILLIS: Male; 30-45; a schlubby, mediocre entrepreneur; friend to all and a man with a lust for the ladies; must be funny, masculine and believable as a member of the army; strong baritone
  • CAPTAIN GEORGE BRACKETT, U.S.N.: Male; 40-60; a pompous yet competent officer who hides a heart of gold; strong actor
  • COMMANDER HARBISON, U.S.N.: Male; 35-50; Officious Navy man; Brackett's second-in-command and right hand man; strong actor
  • LIAT: Female; 18-25; heartbreakingly delicate, beautiful and the picture of purity; must move well; does not sing
  • STEWPOT: Male; 25-35; a funny, schlubby character man with a strong tenor singing voice (up to high A); one of the sailors and Luther Billis' cohorts
  • PROFESSOR: Male; 25-35; a funny character man of the studious type; strong singer; one of the Sailors and Luther Billis' cohorts.
  • ENSEMBLE: Male and female, ages 18-50 of all ethnicities; Strong singers who move well.

Scotland Road

A beautiful young woman in nineteenth-century clothing is found floating on an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic. When rescued, she says only one word: "Titanic." The woman, Winifred, is taken to an isolated spot on the coast of Maine where an expert on the sinking of the liner, a mysterious man named John, has arranged to interrogate her. His goal: to reveal her true identity.

In Jeffrey Hatcher's winding and improbable tale is a delicious game of cat-and-mouse where no one is what they seem. As time runs out, what secrets will be revealed as they make one final journey to Scotland Road? This 1993 winner of the Lois and Richard Rosenthal's fifth-annual New Play Prize wraps a suspenseful package of intrigue and psychodrama!

Sunday, August 16
Monday, August 17
Callbacks Tuesday August 18

Production dates Oct. 16 - 31. Fridays/Saturdays at 8.

Directed by Laurel Bryant


JOHN: Mid to late 30s. Dominant, condescending, tightly wound, can seem cold, yet not unsympathetic. Desperately seeking something, but he's not sure what.

WINIFRED: Late 20s/early 30s. Intelligent, enigmatic, a strong inner life/monologue. Captivating when being still and not talking. Ability to play a wide range, from withdrawn and scared to powerfully in control.

MRS. KITTLE: Ability to play 80s/90s. Intellectually sharp and discerning, yet physically frail. Suspicious, carries a deeply buried secret.

DR. HALBRECH: Female 30-40's. An intelligent, professional, no-nonsense psychologist.