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A CVLT AuditionChagrin Valley Little Theatre depends on volunteer talent for all of its plays each season. Our auditions are open to anyone with an interest in performing in community theater. Age ranges, experience levels and other requirements change from production to production, so keep your eyes on us - you just may be the one we're looking for!

Auditions are publicized right here on our website, as well as via our mailing list, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and via Fred Sternfeld's the Northeast Ohio Performing Arts List (NEohioPAL). You may also find our audition notices in your local newspapers from time to time.


  • Unless specified otherwise, all CVLT auditions are open to all and no roles are pre-cast.
  • No appointments are required.
  • Come prepared to read from the script.
  • Headshots and acting resumes are welcome, but not required.
  • CVLT does not offer union contracts and performers are volunteers.

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The Lord family of Philadelphia is getting ready for a wedding. A merry mix-up of who is who at the house is just the beginning as reporters try to get the story and our bride tries to find her way to a normal life and we get to find out who she eventually walks down the aisle with.

6:00 PM Sunday, October 22
6:00 PM Monday, October 23

Directed by Laurel Bryant

Production Dates Jan. 19 – Feb. 3 2018 (matinee 1/28)

Rehearsals Sunday thru Thursdays starting October 29


Tracy Lord - strong-willed, opinionated socialite who holds others to high standards (age 20 - 30"s)

Dinah Lord - Tracy's younger sister. Age 13 going on 30 with a flair for the dramatics

Margaret Lord - Tracy's mother. Caught between her daughter, her husband and planning a wedding (age upper 40's to 50's)

Sandy Lord - Tracy's older brother. Level headed businessman and new father but loves a good story(30's)

Uncle Willie - Wicked, fun, dirty old man who knows a lot about nothing (age 50 - 60's)

Seth Lord - Tracy's father. Equally as head strong, no nonsense businessman with his own skeletons(age 50's)

CK Dexter Haven - Tracy's first husband. Confident, smart, suave and distinguished (age 30's - 40's)

George Kittredge - Tracy's fiance. Loyal all around good guy but has his limits(age 30's - 40's)

Macauley "Mike" Connor - Reporter/Writer. Intellectual wit with middle class grit(age 30's - 40's)

Elizabeth Imbrie - Photographer. Strong, independent woman with a witty comebacks to match(age 20's - 30's)

Thomas - the Lord's butler. Knows all and sees all(age 50 - 70's)


THE COUNTRY HOUSE - Auditions January 28 & 29 at 7PM. Directed by Brian Westerly

THE SAVANNAH SIPPING SOCIETY - Auditions April 9 & 10. Directed by Barbara L. Rhoades