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A CVLT AuditionChagrin Valley Little Theatre depends on volunteer talent for all of its plays each season. Our auditions are open to anyone with an interest in performing in community theater. Age ranges, experience levels and other requirements change from production to production, so keep your eyes on us - you just may be the one we're looking for!

Auditions are publicized right here on our website, as well as via our mailing list, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and via Fred Sternfeld's the Northeast Ohio Performing Arts List (NEohioPAL). You may also find our audition notices in your local newspapers from time to time.


Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by Michael Stewart, Book by Mark Bramble

Saturday afternoon May 2, 1-3 PM
Sunday evening May 3, 7-9 PM
Callbacks Monday May 4, 7 - 9 PM

Production dates July 17 thru August 15. Fridays/Saturdays at 8, selected Sundays at 2.

This is a rarely performed, unusual musical that traces the career of P.T. Barnum from 1835 to 1880, the year he joined with James Bailey to form the Greatest Show on Earth.

Rehearsals begin May 24th and take place Sunday - Thursday evenings.

Director: Michael J Rogan (440-781-9235)
Musical Director: Kristen Johnson
Choreographer: Pamela LaForce
Producer: Julia Wolff
Costumer: Harold Crawford
Stage Manager: Helen Rizi

Please contact the director with any questions.

Director is looking to "create a circus on stage". Looking for Adults/Older Teens with one (or more) of the following talents: Singers, Actors, Circus performers of all types, Gymnasts, Acrobats, Stiltwalkers, Unicyclists, and Clowns.

Children/Younger Teens will be considered if they have any Circus skills including Gymnasts, Acrobates, Unicyclists, Stilt Walkers, or Clowns.

Also, looking for individuals who can play banjo, harmonica, fiddle, concertina, or accordion for onstage roles.

For singing roles, please prepare 16 - 32 bars of music in the style of the show (you can see portions of Barnum on YouTube) and/or be prepared to show your circus or musical skill. Cold readings will be from the script if needed. Please come dressed for movement.


  • Phineas Taylor Barnum: Baritone (plays 25-50). Legendary showman who is a charming, idealistic dreamer, who tends to exaggerate.
  • Charity (Chairy) Barnum: Mezzo (plays 25-50). Practical, grounded in reality wife, who has a strong disposition, but retains a sweet, teasing sense of humor.
  • Ringmaster: Baritone (plays 25-50). This character is the “story-teller”.
  • James Bailey: Baritone (plays 25-50). Character at the end of the show who convinces Barnum to go back into the circus business. Role can be combined with the ringmaster.
  • Jenny Lind: Coluratura Soprano (plays 25-40). Beautiful operatic singer who is Barnum’s romantic interest.
  • Joyce Heth: Alto/Belt (plays elderly woman). Plays the “Oldest Woman Alive”.
  • Blues Singer: Alto/Belt. Role may be combined with Joyce Heth.
  • General Tom Thumb: Tenor (plays age 15-30). A small framed male—may also consider a small female.

Other named roles: (Also doubles with the ensemble)

  • Amos Scudder : Owner of the American Museum
  • Julius Goldschmidt : introduces Barnum to the idea of Jenny Lind
  • Chester Lyman: Joyce Heth’s manager
  • Edgar Templeton: A political party boss
  • Mr. Stratton: Tom Thumb’s father
  • Mrs. Stratton: Tom Thumb’s mother
  • Wilton: Barnum’s assistant on the Jenny Lind tour

Ensemble will be VERY active in many scenes, in between scenes, and before the show.


Directed by Yvonne E. Pilarczyk
Script submission deadline April 1, 2015. Auditions TBA.

Show Dates: July 24 - Aug. 15, 2015