Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

Accent On Youth

What is Accent on Youth?

Accent On YouthAccent on Youth, AOY, is a youth outreach program which produces relevant plays for young audiences. These productions, when used in conjunction with counseling tools, are a unique approach to delving into and guiding our youth through such difficult and significant issues as drug abuse, physical abuse, conflict resolution, date rape, teen suicide, and other key social issues that face the youth of today.

We are not trained counselors; however, this program is designed to act as a catalyst in guiding those students in need of help to the proper support and counsel. It is our job to instigate recognition and initiate change through the power of live theatre.

The Model

AOY is being built directly off of an existing tried and true program out of the Canton area called Spotlight on Youth. This program has been in operation for over fifteen years, and has had immeasurable positive effect on the youth of the Canton region. We have had the full support of Spotlight on Youth and have acquired all of their scripts, study guides, and talk-back guidelines. We intend to launch our pilot program as a direct model of Spotlight on Youth.

Financial Support

Ridgecliff Foundation

AOY has been made possible through the interest and guidance of the Ridgecliff Foundation. The Ridgecliff Foundation is one of the primary funders of Spotlight on Youth, and was interested in creating a similar program in the Cleveland area. A small ‘start-up’ grant has been awarded to the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre to begin production on a limited scale. The grant has been awarded with the understanding that additional funds will be acquired through the pursuit of grants, corporate and public support, and the development of a school fee to aid in the development of the program.

The Pilot

Students from Mayfield Heights High - April 2008

Accent on Youth opened productions in January 2007 within the Chagrin Valley School System, producing four separate plays aimed at the issues and maturity of specific age groups. AOY uses professional directors and primarily cast from the talent found within Chagrin schools.

Program Management

AOY is a subsidiary of Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. CVLT has created an advisory panel as a subset of their Board of Directors to oversee the project. This panel recently hired Julia Kolibab as the project’s coordinator. She is responsible for all aspects of AOY’s organizational functions.

Julia Kolibab – Coordinator

Mrs. Kolibab has an M.F.A. in theater from Case Western Reserve University. She has taught acting for children and adults at the Cleveland Playhouse, Laurel School of the Theater, Willoughby School of Fine Arts, Hathaway Brown and Case Western Reserve.


Short-term: We intend to utilize our pilot program within the Chagrin school system to secure more extensive financial support, market our success to other districts, and fine tune the process to better suit our growing potential target markets.

Long-term: AOY promises to be an organization of value and relevance to the entirety of Greater Cleveland youth. We plan to expand to the fullest of our capabilities without sacrificing our product or those we serve.