Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

Sex with Strangersby Laura Eason

Sex with Strangers

Performance Dates & Tickets

April 21 - May 6, 2017
Friday & Saturday nights at 8 PM
Sunday, April 30 at 2 PM
$12 all seats
performed at CVLT's River Street Playhouse
56 River Street, west of the main CVLT building
Call 440-247-8955 (Mon-Sat, 1-6 PM)


About the Play

Lust, love, and the complex nature of identity in the digital age.



Content Notices
  • Strong language
  • Adult themes

A drama of passion and politic from Laura Eason. When twenty-something star sex blogger and memoirist Ethan tracks down his idol, the gifted but obscure forty-ish novelist Olivia, he finds they each crave what the other possesses. As attraction turns to sex, and they inch closer to getting what they want, both must confront the dark side of ambition and the trouble of reinventing oneself when the past is only a click away.

The River Street Playhouse is located at 56 River Street, just west of the main CVLT building in downtown Chagrin Falls. Seating and parking are limited, and early reservations and arrival are recommended.