Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

Wonder of the Worldby David Lindsay-Abaire

Wonder of the World

Performance Dates & Tickets

November 30 - December 15, 2012
Friday & Saturday nights at 8 PM
$10 all seats
performed at CVLT's River Street Playhouse
56 River Street, west of the main CVLT building
Call 440-247-8955 (Mon-Sat, 1-6 PM)


About the Play

I don't think it's the life I'm supposed to have… I am happy and bubbly! I am a tall glass of bubbly cider!


Directed by Yvonne E. Pilarczyk

Content Notices
  • Some dark themes
  • Adult language

Cass, in an attempt to leave behind her deadly dull life and husband, flees to Niagara Falls. There she becomes entangled with various neurotics — a heartbroken tour-boat captain, a half-hearted would-be suicide, a pair of incompetent but heartless private eyes — all of whom, before the play is over, discover they are connected in a weird lattice of coincidence.

David Lindsay-Abaire has a flair for creating quirky but believable characters and enmeshing them in kooky, unbelievable, entertaining plots. Like all truly witty comedy writers, he is a poet in disguise, and as Cass checks items off her list of "things to do in life," she takes the audience on a hilarious and moving journey.